What can I do in the area?


Glasgow Green is a 3 minute walk away from the shop.  A large green space in the city that is perfect for lazy walks and picnics on a nice day. It also hosts many major events throughout the year. 

Glasgow Green has 2 great play parks so makes for a good destination if you plan on visiting with kids.  There's usually an ice cream van around on a sunny day too!

It's also home to The People's Palace Museaum and Winter Gardens (a glass house). Check to see what's on when you visit!

You can top your visit to Glasgow Green off with a visit to West Brewery in the old Templeton carpet factory.  West is an independent brewery with German roots on a quest to make great Scottish beer!  If you are a beer lover you won't go wrong here!  With great food and a beer garden you might find yourself staying for the rest of the day!



If you like going to the theatre then check out what the Tron has to offer.  They usually have something a bit different so definitely keep an eye on what's on!

These next two suggestions are hidden gems and definitely worth the visit.  The Britannia Panopticon is a must see for those into theatre, music, history and the weird and wonderful!  There have been ghost sightings here so one for ghost hunters as well! They have events throughout the year so check it out to see what they are up to.  The entrance is down a small lane but they usually have signs out in the street for events.

Next up is another must see, especially for those who like art and the wonderfully bizzare!  Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre is well worth a visit to view Eduard Bersudsky's kinetic sculptures. They are fantastical, bizarre and often times hilarious!



If you fancy going a bit further afield then a 15 minute walk will take you to Castle Street where you can take in some history.

Glasgow Cathedral is a medieval cathedral and has an active congregation.  The architecture is stunning to take in from the outside and it's also free (donations welcomed) if you'd like a look on the inside.

Next to the Cathedral is the award winning St. Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art.  Here you can view religious artefacts and artwork and join in will family arts and craft days.

If you'd like to stretch your legs and take in some great views of Glasgow head for The Necropolis.  The Necropolis is a stunning Victorian cemetary worth visitng for the scenery and architecture.  You can follow trails by yourself or book onto a tour through Freinds of The Necropolis.